Do Not Smoke, Do Not Snore, But Drink Tea Instead

For more than five years, Chinese scientists have observed the health and lifestyle of 34,825 Shanghai men, trying to find the correlation between the risk of diabetes and the duration of sleep with all the attendant factors. Having diagnosed diabetes in 1521 people in the course of the observation, experts found that a longer sleep duration is associated with a higher risk of developing diabetes, especially for current smokers, regular alcohol drinkers, men with a high body mass index, hypertension or comorbidity, and men who did not work nightshift or who snored.

The association between sleep duration and diabetes may be modified by tea drinking. So, it seems that lean people who do not smoke, do not drink, do not snore, but drink tea, can sleep long with a peaceful mind, this will not increase the risk of developing diabetes for them.

Photo Credit: Natalia Bogdanovska.

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