On Engineering Properties of Tea Seeds

Turkish specialists have studied the engineering properties of shelled and kernel tea seeds collected in the vicinity of Rize, and found the following. Firstly, tea seeds can be large as well as small. The average size and average weight of large shelled seeds are 15.8 mm and 1.47 grams, of small ones — 10.7 mm and 0.49 grams, respectively. After de-shelling, the average size and weight of large seeds become 11.8 mm and 0.97 grams, and of small seeds — 8 mm and 0.31 grams, respectively. Both large and small seeds best slide on laminated surfaces, worst of all — on rubber. For kernel seeds, the most slippery surface was also laminate, but the most non-slippery surface turned out to be different for different seed sizes. Small kernel tea seeds slide worst on chipboard, and large — on plywood. And, finally, the density values were found to be higher in smaller than in larger size tea seeds, both shelled and kernel.

Based on such funny, at first glance, data, people then make fascinating machines (for de-shelling, for example), whose work can be watched for hours.