MastersTalk Brief Tea Quiz 01

MastersTalk is launching a new project — Brief Tea Quiz. It is a series of short quizzes on tea erudition. We will compile this series of a wide variety of tea questions — from very simple and general to very specific and complex, tied to a particular region or technology. After the quiz, you will receive correct answers together with short explanations to all the questions.

The MastersTalk Brief Tea Quiz is not only a great way to test your tea knowledge, but also a fun professional training system. Test yourself! And don’t forget that the time to complete the quiz is limited.


You have only 3 minutes for six questions!

Time is gone!

MastersTalk Brief Tea Quiz 01

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Only in one of the countries listed below annual per capita tea consumption is less than one kilogram. Which country is this?

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Jacobiasca formosana (Paoli), Empoasca vitis (Goëthe) and Empoasca onukii (Matsuda) are:

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Which of the given sequences of events and dates is chronologically correct?

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What does BOP stand for in tea standards?

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The annual global tea production is:

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In which case are the actual or possible commercial names of the tea and the country in which it is produced correctly correlated?

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