World Champion of TMC in Tea Tasting Became the Face of a Tea Project

The Tea Masters Cup project fell into the focus of one of the largest tea companies in the world “Orimi Trade” Group of Companies, which ranks fourth in terms of tea sales volume. Nikolai Dolgii — world champion in Tea Tasting (TMCI 2018) and an expert of the Orimi Group’s quality service — has his signature tea now. According to the manufacturer’s website, «A new variety of tea bags — «Strong Character» — is introduced to the market; the design of the new product is based on the principle of personalization. The «face» of the product is the tea taster of Orimi Group Nikolai Dolgii, Current World Champion in Tea Tasting (Tea Masters Cup). His image and direct speech were used in the package design; the professional who is the author of the new blend acquaints the customer with the tea’s taste and aroma characteristics. For the first time in more than 25 years of Princess Kandy’s history, the consumer can see the person who creates the tea bouquet, investing in the work not only knowledge but also soul».

Professional tea tasters regularly participate in the TMC Tea Tasting category — and the tea championship gives them new opportunities for professional growth. Personalized tea is a new level of professional recognition and a new level of craftsmanship, which can be a good reference point for each TMC participant.

Please read how the world champion was preparing for the tournament and what the work of the modern tea taster is in MastersTalk’s interview with Nikolai “Tea Taster’s Perception Horizon”.