Matcha Tea Works Best in Drink, Not in Snack Bar

Dutch scientists have investigated the effect of powdered green tea on people’s moods and their ability to perform all sorts of tests. To do this, a small group of volunteers (23 people) tried a drink made from matcha, snack bars with matcha, a placebo-drink and placebo-bars. Before each tasting and one hour after each tasting, all the volunteers passed some tests.

It turned out that after consuming matcha (either drink, or bars), people better pass tests assessing attention and psychomotor speed in response to stimuli. At the same time, matcha in a drink format proved to be more effective than matcha snack bars, the difference in the tests measuring speed of spatial working memory and delayed picture recognition was particularly noticeable. However the mood was not affected by matcha. Neither in drink nor in snack bar formats.

Photo Credit: Kristina Gavrilina.