The #3personsofacup Challenge Continues

The #3personsofacup challenge celebrates first successful week! We are happy to share the first results: 30 participants from 15 countries, 45 stories, plenty of pictures, more than 3000 reactions (likes, shares and comments). #3personsofacup is a unique opportunity to appreciate the tea value chain, to link persons from different parts of tea culture (tea production, tea trade, tea consumption) and to support tea projects and tea communities.

Dear Alan Hughes, Andrei Ivanov, Nalin Modha, Ramaz Chanturiya, MaryJane Shakti Hua, Dang Hoаi Phuong, Yuras Produs, Nodira Narimova, Joice Chen, Hassan Afshari, Denis Shumakov, Klyment Matuynin, Chà Tea Atelier, Els Deboutte, Hasan Önder, Olga Nikandrova, Marina Aksenova, Sharyn Johnston, Viviana Petrovska, Lera Petrovskaya, Polina Sagara, Son Tea, Valentina Viollat, Emanuella Solinas, Pilar Serrano, Maria Giovanna Careddu, Junie Dinh, Jozefien Muylle and Synthia Fazekas — thank you for your wonderful stories. We are happy to share a common passion and profession with you.

Challenge continues, so join us! We are sure that each of you has a story about a cup of tea that you would like to share and support the tea community in this difficult time! We are the links of the same tea value chain and in every cup of tea we are united.

In order to join the Challenge, upload 4 PICTURES: one picture of a tea and three pictures of the people who are associated with this tea (one of the three being you), for example the person drinking and/or brewing the tea; the person from whom the tea was obtained; the person who produced the tea. Write the name of the tea, tea companies or the brand and the names of all people, add tags and write a short story about the tea and people.

Nominate your tea friends to take this challenge! Stay T-uned! Follow the #3personsofacup hashtag on Facebook and Instagram!

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