The UN approves the celebration of International Tea Day on May 21

At its formal meeting on November 26, the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly approved a resolution which stipulates the annual celebration of International Tea Day on May 21. The draft project resolution was approved by 118 votes, with 3 against and 45 abstentions.

The document, in particular, notes that tea production and processing is the main source of livelihoods for millions of families, it contributes to the fight against hunger, the reduction of extreme poverty, the empowerment of women and the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems. It is also noted that drinking tea can be good for health and has cultural and educational potential. The resolution calls for the promotion of tea consumption, especially in producing countries, where its per capita consumption is relatively low, and counteracting the decline in tea consumption in traditional importing countries. International Tea Day can be one way of addressing these challenges. The revised draft resolution can be found at:

It should be noted that many countries have long been celebrating tea days, some of them (for example, on December 15) even gained some international popularity.

May was proposed for celebrating International Tea Day as it’s the quality tea manufacturing season in most tea producing countries.