The Influence of Brewing Water Quality on the Quality of Tea

Chinese experts have studied the physicochemical characteristics, sensory quality, and antioxidant activity of tea infusions prepared with purified water, mineral water, mountain spring water, and tap water from Hangzhou.

After a series of experiments, experts found that the taste of Chinese green, black and oolong teas is worse and content of catechins in the infusion is lower when tea is brewed in mineral and tap water than that of the same teas prepared with purified water. And also that extraction of catechins is worse when tea is brewed in high pH water. Purified water and mountain spring water are found better suited for brewing green tea and oolong tea, and mountain spring water is also good for black teas. Lowering the pH of mineral water partially improved the taste quality and increased the concentration of catechins in the infusions. It should also be noted that not long ago, scientists from the same institute (Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences) found that purified water is the most suitable for brewing white tea.