Tea Masters Cup Indonesia 2019

July 24–27, 2019, in Jakarta, Tea Masters Cup Indonesia in Tea Preparation, Tea Pairing and Tea Mixology categories was held with the support of Australian Tea Masters.

The first prize in the Tea Preparation category was won by Othniel Giovanni. Organizer’s Tea: Imperial black tea, 300 ml water / 5 grams tea / heating 85-90C. Master’s Tea: Rou Gui Wu Yi Shan 2017, medium roasting, brewed in yixing teapot, zisha teapot, hong mi (red clay), 3 grams / 90 C / flash brew in 5-10 seconds steep.

Othniel Giovanni (winner in Tea Preparatioon & Tea Pairing, with two Cups) and Cakra Virajati (winner in Tea Mixology)

Othniel Giovanni also was the winner in the Tea Pairing category. Organizer’s Composition: Imperial black tea with Bika Ambon (traditional cake) and mixed fruit (Serving details: Mandarin spoon cake x mixed fruit in mini bowl). Master’s Composition: Shou Pu Erh 2004 with Dry-aged beef, blue danish cheese, jalapeno, olive + Jenang (traditional coconut glutinous rice cake) + egg cooked in tea (Serving details: skewered beef, cheese, jalapeno & olive).

Tea Mixology was won by Cakra Virajati, who impressed judges with his Master’s mix: Pitutur Ibu, a jamu inspired tea-based beverage using Pekalongan green tea from Central Java mixed with galangal, turmeric powder, ginger simple syrup, roasted rice, lime juice, lime leaf (Serving details : served in a champagne glass garnished with rose & baby breath). 

We congratulate the winners and wish them success in the international finals!