The Tea Share in Monetary Diet Cost of Japanese Women

Japanese scientists have interviewed about 10,000 women of three different age groups in order to assess the cost ratio of different components of their diet. According to the results of the study, it was found that young women over 18 years old spent on tea 7.7% of the total money spent on food and drink, and tea in this age group ranks the fifth in the list of the most costly products after meat, vegetables, sugar and sweets, fish and seafood. Middle-aged women spend on tea 6.1% of the money spent on food and beverages, and again it is the fifth place in the spendings list.

And, finally, elderly women spend on tea 5% of their food-and-drink budget, and it ranks the seventh in the list, letting forward fruit and white rice. By the way, the average consumption of tea is 261.2, 233 and 256.2 grams per month for young, middle-aged and elderly Japanese women, respectively.