MastersTalk, issue one, 2019

MastersTalk magazine #1, 2019 has been released. The heroes of the new issue are winners of tea championships, a chocolatier, a museum director, a director of a tea association and tea itself. Here is the content:

  • Sufferings of Tea Leaves. Olga Nikandrova & Denis Shumakov’s Stories Depot
  • Snow Shan Tea. Vietnam Ancient Snow Mountain Tea
  • Values of American Tea Culture. Tony Gebely’s Insight
  • TMC International 2018 Report. November 23–25, 2018. 2018, Huế (Vietnam)
  • TMCI Champion Tools & Results. Tea Preparation, Tea Pairing, Tea Mixology, Tea Tasting
  • Inspired by Red Robe. Mary Jane Hua’s Passion
  • From Pagoda to Tea Bar. Hoai Linh Nguyễn’s Tea Journey
  • Tea Taster’s Perception Horizon. Nikolai Dolgii’s Career Guidance
  • Move On! Yasarathna Bandara’s Aspiration
  • 2019 National TMC Competitions. Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Turkey
  • Fantastic Day and Fantastic Event!. Fantastic Day and Fantastic Event!
  • 10 000 Hours & Freedom of Creation. Florent Cheveau’s Philosophy
  • Noble Heritage Guard. Dr. Phan Thanh Hải’s Friendly Tea
  • Wake Me Up! Masters’ Morning Tea
  • TMC Certified Judges. International Level

The digital version of the issue is available online.The print version is distributed at professional tea events. The magazine is published twice a year, the next issue is expected in November 2019.